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Kendra is joyful to be free from excessive sweating and embarrassment

Dear Dr. Pnini and staff:

I just wanted to write a letter to tell yow my life has changed since my surgery with you.

I had surgery with your office on March 13th, 2006. I had suffered from extremely sweaty armpits, (Hyperhidrosis) since I can remember. I have expressed my discomfort and embarrassment with several doctors however the things they had me do was not working at all. In fact it was only irritating my skin or making me feel worse.

I remember this problem started around 6th or 7th grade. I remember this because my friends would always make fun of me and point to my armpits during class. Especially the boys. I also remember how I loved my dance class but had to drop out because the sweat on my armpits would be down to my waist by the beginning of class. Because of this, I could not wear the dance outfits everyone else could wear. I could not wear anything I could be comfortable in, as the sweat would go through any top I would wear. The problem with my sweaty armpits interfered with my daily activities and prevented me from having a normal life.

As I got older, I was expected to give presentations in class for my grades. I just couldn't bring myself to do most of them because everyone (mostly the boys) would stare at my armpits and make "dripping" sounds as I was in front of the class. My grades suffered, but I suffered more. What hurt the most I think, is the teachers would sometimes laugh and act like they didn't know what was going on. But they did. They would only stop the guys when the teacher could see it was bothering me or getting disruptive.

Before the surgery, my armpits would sweat 24/7. No matter what I was doing; they were sweating. I could be fast asleep and my armpits would still be soak and wet. I could not stop it no matter what. There were times the temperature outside was so cold the plants would freeze, but I would still sweat as if it were 120 degrees.

This went on for years. I felt trapped and felt there was nothing I could do. So many things went through my mind. Such as, how would I ever hide this from a boyfriend or a husband? How could I get a boyfriend with this problem or dysfunction? What if he finds out?

I would change my tops at least 3-4 times a day. I had to wear my clothing in layers in order to hide the wet marks under my arms. And most of my tops would only last a month or two because the sweat would just ruin them. Most of my tops had to be either white or black so that it was less noticeable. Since the surgery, I have been able to wear colored tops for the first time I can remember. My mom bought me a red top for a gift after my surgery because I had not been able to wear one since I was a little girl. I can not put into words how that made me feel.

So many things have changed since my surgery. I am a college student and I am still expected to give presentations in class. Since my surgery, I have not missed one presentation. The best part about giving presentations now is, NO ONE stares at my armpits and the class is QUIET during my speech. I feel on top of the world and my confidence is extremely high.

The most important part is that this surgery changed my overall health. I feel so much better. I use to get Migraines almost every week or at least every other week. This has occurred for years and every since I can remember. These migraines would interfere with my daily activities and prevent me from enjoying a normal day as well. Since my surgery, I have not had a single mild headache or migraine and I do not feel dehydrated, fatigue, or sick like I use to. My energy level is through the roof and I love to go outside.

My friends and family have all noticed the change as well. I realize I was born with this problem and surgery was my ONLY answer.

Dr. Pnini, thank you again for everything you and your staff has done for me. You and your staff treated me as if I was their own daughter before, during and after the surgery. Thank you so much.

Kendra A.

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