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I would like to thank you...

Dear Dr. Pnini and staff

First of all I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. I have to admit that I was very embarassed of my situation, and did not think that my problem would ever be solved. There is not much research being done on hyperhidrosis, which leaves those of us affected with the condition to suffer. So I am very greatful that you have shown an interest in the condition and have found a cure. I felt like I had tried everything, and ETS did not appeal to me. I weighed to pros and cons of the ETS procedure and felt like I should wait for something better to come along. The possibility of droopy eye (Horner's syndrome) and CS (compensentory sweating) occurring after the surgery in addition to the low percentage of a cure for axillary hyperhidrosis, steered me away from ETS. That is when I found your website. After thinking about it for a year, I begged my husband to let me have the procedure done. Me being a student and him being the sole provider for our family, the cost was the only obstacle in the way. But after weighing the pros and cons of this procedure, I could not wait another day. He was very supportive and understanding, and together we found a way to do it. It has been a week since the procedure was performed, and I have to say I still pinch my self every now and then, just to make sure I am not asleep. My underarms are dry and odor free (even without deodorant). Thank you so much Dr. Pnini and your staff was so nice and understanding. They made me feel very comfortable.


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