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Marilou looks back on his surgery...

Hello Dr. Pnini and Darlene...

My name is Marilou B. I was one of your very first few patients. ( approximately 3 1/2 years ago.) I am so happy to see your web site. I remember talking to you and Darlene about opening a website. I am glad you have it now. I spoke to a lot of the possible patients that you gave my number to. I told everyone to have surgery. After all these years I am sweat free. I have small scars on both armpits because of slight complication, but I dont care. It is just a reminder of the best decision I ever made in my life. You have changed my life and gave me confidence. I can now wear any clothes I want. I hardly sweat even if I exercise. Before I would be dripping wet. Sometimes I purposely do not wear a deodorant when I exercise just to test it. There is no odor either. I thank you again. Darlene you are very nice. I always think about you and Dr Pnini and would like to visit you one day if I may. Just to say thank you again. Pls continue to give my number to other patients. I am always happy to talk to them......Marilou B.

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