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Testimonial of Male Patient

I am 25 years old, in great shape, and I can't begin to say how happy I am at not having to ever have go through the routine of changing v-necks and shirts at least twice a day. I used to sweat even while I was sitting down. It is a terrible ordeal that really can put a damper on your social life. Dr. Alon Pnini truly works miracles. He is a wonderful man and everyone who works in his office went to great lengths to get me there since I had to fly in just to have the procedure done. The service was top notch. It was hard to believe that I was even walking into a doctor's office. I did a lot of research before deciding to have my procedure done and Dr. Pnini's was the only one that did not have compensatory sweating as a side effect. I highly recommend that you contact Dr. Pnini's office if you have the same problem that I did, since I do not have it anymore!

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