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Patient Testimonial

Dr. Pnini performed my sweat gland removal procedure in 2004. It was one of the best things I ever did for myself! I was one of those people, like you, who constantly worried about sweating through my shirt. It was a daily issue for me, as any bit of heat or stress, caused uncontrolled sweating. In addition, the worry about sweating made my condition even worse. I had to wear a T-shirt under my clothing all of the time, and often I would sweat through both (not to mention that wearing a T-shirt all of the time made me feel even warmer). I had tried every brand of anti-perspirant – even my doctor’s prescribed solution, "Drysol", and Botox too – nothing ever worked. I would continue to sweat, and have anti-perspirant running down the sides of my torso.

The procedure was done on an out-patient basis, and was really quite simple and virtually painless. My surgery was done on a Friday morning, and I was back to work the following Monday. In addition, the incisions were minimal, and now, I can’t even see them.

Since having the surgery, I changed careers and am no a Realtor. Needless to say, I am outside and in my car all of the time, facing the heat of the day (and the stress of my new job). I now wear singe T-shirts (sometimes-tight ones!), silk shirts and dress shirts. I no longer worry about sweating, and sometimes can’t believe that I suffered for so many years with this embarrassing and "socially-unacceptable" condition. At this point, sweating has really become a non-issue for me.

Dr. Pnini and his staff are very kind and caring – I was treated with the utmost respect. If your embarrassment is keeping you from making the call, don’t let it! Imagine what it would be like not to worry about sweaty armpits ever again. I can only speak for myself, but, this procedure worked for me, and I’m so glad that I made the decision to seek help for my condition.

-A. Anonymous

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