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Patient Testimonial

I suffered from severe underarm sweating. I never dared to wear a colored dress shirt when I did presentations for my job. I sweat so much that I feared raising my arms even when I wore a white dress shirt. I only wore white t-shirts and would always have to wear a shirt over my t-shirt when going out around town. It was a viscous cycle – I would start to sweat a little, then my anxiety would go up worrying about people seeing me sweat, then I would sweat even more. I would drip sweat just sitting around the house…on a cold day! That’s how bad it was for me.

I tried the over-the-counter antiperspirant products but they didn’t work at all. I researched the oral medication and other medical procedures and they just didn’t seem to work effectively or had too many side-effects. I remember that Dr. Pnini’s staff (Darlene) actually tried to talk me out of the procedure because I hadn’t gone through all the other options. I told her that I did my research and rather than beating around the bush I just want to do the procedure that is going to work right the first time.

It has been nearly 6 months since I had the operation and I am well pleased with the results. The sweating in my armpits is non-existent in normal situations and I have no more sweating than I used to in the other parts of my body. My armpit hair has completely grown back (important for a guy) and the only scar is about the size of a mole and this was only on my left side.

All in all I am very happy that I got the procedure done. I can wear colored t-shirts and dress shirts again and not have to worry about huge circles under my armpits. Dr. Pnini and his staff are very nice, professional people - the kind that you’d entrust to perform a life-changing operation such as this.

- Anonymous

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