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Excessive Ampit Sweating Success Stories & Patient Testimonials

From the bottom of my heart, I thank Dr. Pnini and his staff for changing my life in so many ways.
- Laura

It’s been about 19 weeks since my surgery and I couldn’t be happier.  I still have a little scar tissue and red spot on my underarms… but I don’t care, because I’m not sweating! 
Thank-you, thank-you!

- Megan

I am so happy that I had the surgery and would do it again in a heartbeat.  You are the most wonderful staff I have ever come across and I know alot of medical staff!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
- Sarah

Words cannot express my gratitude to you and your staff for changing my life.  I could say thank you a million times, but don’t think I could convey how gratefull I am for the gift of a “normal” life.  I am extremely happy with the results!  It has been a year and a half since the surgery and the results are better than I imagined.  I  don’t even need to wear deodorant bc sweating is very minimal.  Before the surgery, my daily routines revolved around hiding this embarrassing condition and now I can wear all colors, fabrics, etc. 
- Amy

The support from Dr Pnini and his incredible team is amazing and my result is even better. I am now free of the burden that comes with this horrible condition and am forever grateful to this prodigious team. They have had such a positive impact on my life. Thank you all.
- Brett

The qualilty of life Dr. Pnini has restored back to me through this operation is indescribable and beyond anything I imagined.
- J.R.

I am very happy that I got the procedure done. I can wear colored t-shirts and dress shirts again and not have to worry about huge circles under my armpits. Dr. Pnini and his staff are very nice, professional people - the kind that you’d entrust to perform a life-changing operation such as this.
- Anonymous

Even after researching Dr Pnini extensively, flying from Sydney, Australia, for the operation was a huge leap of faith. And I was not disappointed. Not only was the operation a huge success, but his staff were fantastic and went out of their way to make me as comfortable as they could.
- Brett

I’m a living witness that this Retrodermal Curettage procedure for hyperhidrosis of the underarm does work. It’s a miracle and a blessing.
- Sharonda, Arkansas

I want to thank you and everyone there for all their efforts in making my procedure as comfortable as can be.
- Wendy

Now that it's been over 3 months since my surgery, I’m convinced – it actually worked. I ceremoniously threw out all my sweat-stained t-shirts.
- Scott, California

I had Retrodermal Curettage procedure performed approximately 1 1/2 years ago for excessive armpit sweating.
- Dan, California

I'm a Family Practice Physician who underwent Dr. Pnini's Surgery for Underarm Hyperhidrosis. Underarm sweating was a problem that had begun negatively impacting my work and social life.
- P.H.

I want to thank you, again, for the enourmous gift you have given me.
- Kim

Dr. Pnini performed my sweat gland removal procedure in 2004. It was one of the best things I ever did for myself!
- A. Anonymous

I was relieved to finally get the results I was looking for after I sought out the help from Dr. Pnini and his staff. 
- Crystal Villalobos

Doing this procedure was the best decision I could have made for myself because it has allowed me to be a more free person.
- Catherine

Another summer is here and I'm happy as can be!  
- Regina

From the time I had met Dr. Pnini and his incredible staff, I knew I was in the best of hands and would receive the necessary assistance I needed.  
- Bobby

Since the surgery, I have been able to wear colored tops for the first time I can remember. My mom bought me a red top for a gift after my surgery because I had not been able to wear one since I was a little girl. I can not put into words how that made me feel.  
- Kendra A.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for everything!  I really appreciated how nice and helpful everyone was throughout the entire process.  I was quite nervous coming into the surgery and I know Dr. Pnini noticed my anxiousness.  
- Sarah G.

There are no words that could possibly thank Dr. Pnini, Monica, and all his wonderful staff! From the very beginning of our phone calls, to the day I arrived they have been so professional and helpful. Having this condition for about 8 years was so stressful for me and caused much anxiety, shying me away from participating in social gatherings, to being limited in wardrobe.
- Anonymous

The hard work of the staff from the beginning, to the end of the procedure was unbelievable in today's medical world. I will not ever be able to thank you folks for what you have done for me.
- Stanley O.

Its so nice to be able to wear whatever I want!
- Kara

I am writing to thank your for helping me to feel more confident and self-assured. I am very pleased with the results both physically and surgically.
- Lisa M.

It has been a week since the procedure was performed, and I have to say I still pinch my self every now and then, just to make sure I am not asleep. My underarms are dry and odor free (even without deodorant).
- Ismene

Sometimes I purposely do not wear a deodorant when I exercise just to test it. There is no odor either. I thank you again.
- Marilou B

I haven't felt so good about myself in years.
- Jose. V

I did a lot of research before deciding to have my procedure done and Dr. Pnini's was the only one that did not have compensatory sweating as a side effect. I highly recommend that you contact Dr. Pnini's office if you have the same problem that I did, since I do not have it anymore!
- Male Testimonial

Your efforts on my behalf are greatly appreciated and will help me tremendously in my social interactions in the future. My underarms continue to remain dry and I am feeling great.
- Keith. F

What do I say to the individual(s) responsible for curing the stress, anxiety and frustration that had been a part of my everyday life for the past 20 years?
- Becki

I can now wear whatever clothes I want, not just specific colors or thick garments. I feel like I've been released from some kind of prison, thanks Doc.
- Dale

I no longer feel the anxiety that constant sweating would cause me every single day. Dr.Pnini and his entire staff are wonderful!!!
- Christina

I think of your great office staff and the awesome change you made in my life, and am so grateful!
- Betty

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