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I just wanted to say thank you...

I just wanted to say thank you very much for everything!  I really appreciated how nice and helpful everyone was throughout the entire process.  I was quite nervous coming into the surgery and I know Dr. Pnini noticed my anxiousness.  After talking with him, I felt much more comfortable, even if I did not show it much.  Here it is a little over a month after the surgery and I still have some pain, but I feel that the outcome is more than worth it.  I can wear any type and color of clothes I want and I have not experienced a single drip of sweat.  I have not worn deodorant at all and I feel great with no smell, whatsoever.  I was very impressed that Dr. Pnini was willing to help me when the office was closed, the day after Christmas.

Also, thank you Monica for helping to get the other paperwork together in my efforts to determine if the procedure can be medically expensed on taxes.  I appreciate your time and work.  

If you would like me to be added to your referral list, I would be more than happy to do so.  I would gladly tell anyone the freedom one experiences in being able to wear any color / type of clothing they want, feel more confident in social situations and being able to raise your arms with no worry!!  By far this is the best investment I have made.  Thanks again!

Sarah G.

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